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Epicurean Musician is a combination of two passions in life: live music and eating! We are always looking to interview more and more artists, from every genre of music.

Special thanks to our webmaster extraordinaire, Matt, who keeps the gears well lubricated. Also, much love sent out to D$.

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  1. Samantha / Apr 22 2010


  2. Vickie Mccullough / Nov 16 2014

    I love me some Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind and Fire.

  3. Chris / Jun 14 2015

    Bit disappointed, I thought there was some connection between your music and Epicurean philosophy. Unfortunately, the modern idea that epicureanism is all about good food, pleasure and hedonism is an utter misconception and is not related to the original philosophy of Epicurus. Ironically Epicurus advocated a lifestyle the diametrical opposite to the way epicureanism has come to be understood.

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