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Feb 16 / Aaron

Romaine Calm! Lettuce Returns to the Cap!


For those with a refined taste for live funk music, the evening’s headlining entertainment, Lettuce, is sure to please.  The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY, will once again play host to an uber-funky dance party at 8 PM on Sunday, Feb. 19th.

First formed in the summer of 1992, this Brooklyn-based band stirs a witch’s brew of rhythmic grooves that dares you to stand still.  Ultimately, and in my personal experience, it is difficult not to find some part of your body moving – voluntarily or otherwise – to their enticing music.

Lettuce consists of Neal Evans (Hammond organ, bass, and keys), Adam Deitch (drums), Erick Coomes (bass), Adam Smirnoff (guitar), Eric “Benny” Bloom (trumpet), Ryan Zoidis (sax), and Nigel Hall (vocals), who together were voted as the funkiest band on tour by Live for Live Music in 2015.  Of course, Lettuce continued to dominate the scene in 2016, touring relentlessly across the country; and now 2017 promises more of the same gooey, groovy goodness.

Simply put, a ticket to Lettuce is a ticket to Funkytown.  Always a good time – and, for those inclined to dance, always a great workout – Lettuce never fails to bring it.  Fueled by leafy greens and individually prolific band members, each of whom has worked extensively with influential artists and bands across the musical spectrum, the end result is surely much greater – and far funkier – than the sum of its parts.

Over twenty-five years of practice, recording, and touring, all seven members of the band come together flawlessly to bring you the biggest and baddest party in the funk world today.  From raging Red Rocks to headlining festivals across the country, these guys are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to bring you fresh, high-energy syncopation.  Their latest album, Crush, released in 2016, is a funk-odyssey masterpiece, while the Live For Live Music-produced documentary, ‘Let Us Play,’ won Best Long Form/Music Documentary at the Austin Music Video Festival that same year.

As Lettuce continues to dominate the live music scene, their pocket digs deeper than ever before.  ”People tend to look at funk as a one-trick pony,” says Deitch, “but we strive to consistently smash those limitations by incorporating a range of styles from the early 60s through the late 80s” – a compilation and reinterpretation that, in my humble opinion, blend seamlessly into a sound all their own.  These seven beautiful bastards continue to push the boundaries of modern funk music, and it is always a pleasure to witness this funky band turn heads, literally and figuratively.  Live in concert – as on every one of their studio albums – Lettuce throws down in bold and confident fashion, and fans both new and old never fail to respond in kind.

You could miss their upcoming show at The Capitol on Feb. 19th… but it’d be a lot cooler if you didn’t!

Drummer Brudders

~ Aaron Fumarola, a lifelong drummer and connoisseur of all things rhythmic and creative, pictured above with Adam Deitch at the 2016 Catskill Music Festival.

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