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May 10 / andrew

Love, A Breakup, Music and Rijstaffel with Laura Jansen


What do you get when you combine a talented, musically inclined, beautiful woman who goes through a nasty breakup? Other then a run on sentence, you get  Laura Jansen’s debut album Bells which she describes as her answer in dealing with a messy breakup.  Whats better then discussing music, breakups over some Rijsttafel?

Laura Jansen in a Nutshell

“I was in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and then to Connecticut and then back to Holland. Traveling and sort of moving every 2 – 3 years, changing schools a lot, spending half a year in Japan, Nashville and L.A. and just have been doing a lot of moving around and eating.”

The Piano and a Coach

“The album is the entire span of that experience, and that ended 4 years ago. It took me some time though to find my ‘voice” Laura stated.

“I’ve always, always, always played music, since I was three. My mom was a singer, and we always sang in the house. I was doing music college and learning how to sing everything from R&B to singing in wedding bands. What I was doing in Nashville though wasn’t songwriting – it was singing. It was my passion but it was my life.”

“The constant that I had in all of my moving was the piano. I discovered the piano at a neighbors house in Holland. My mother found a coach who was a professor of music [they call music teachers 'coaches'] in Connecticut who was a total hippy, and lived in a little glass house with his violin playing wife and they totally made pot brownies, but he would give me lessons once a week on Saturday’s for an entire afternoon. He would play vinyl records and we’d talk about the composers lives. It was wonderful having a teacher who was interested in my perspective on pieces.”

The Cooks

“My grandmothers were awful cooks but my mother was actually very creative. She kind of followed my lead when I decided to go vegetarian for a couple of years. She was very creative with Japanese food because we actually have some Japanese members of our family through marriage on top of having an affinity for Japanese culture. So, she learned how to make sushi and other things, but growing up instead of coming to school with a typical lunch box or brown paper bagged lunch, I had the soup and the rice, it was kind of embarrassing at the time because kids had the tater tots and cheeseburgers, and here I was with my miso soup from home!”

The Music

They say every experience, and moment in one’s life through present day is the big conglomerate of ourselves. To say the least, between spending time in Europe, Asia and the states, between the breakups, and music teachers and friends from all over, Bells is Laura’s tangible proof of where she’s been and surely where she is going.

Laura Jansen will be touring this summer throughout Europe. Please check her website for dates and other media and downloads

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