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Jul 14 / Kevin

Sweet For Your Meat


There is something to be said about branching out. KFC went healthy for like, two days, and then realized that fat people like fat foods, thus the Double Down was born. The colonel was on to something, even if it did mean killing twice as many chickens. Branching out in a less lethal manner is Andy Farag, percussionist from Umphrey’s McGee. During a brief down period, Andy had a minute to spare to talk about about music, food, and his new contribution to your tongue, Andy’s Rippin Rub, a dry rub of his own creation.

Umphrey’s has a pretty intense year, playing tons of festivals and shows, so food is always an issue. Farag tells the band didn’t used to give two craps about food until they realized all they food they were eating was making them give a lot of craps to their local rest stop. The crew doesn’t get around a kitchen much, but when they do, they manage to round up some ingredients and pull together a home cooked meal. They also started not only becoming more conscious about their comestible intake, but appreciating the local spots they were passing by on their tours. Based out of Chicago, one of their favorite spots is Smoque, a windy city classic and an inspiration for Andy’s own creation.

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Andy’s fiance is from one of the BBQ capitals of the world, North Carolina, which helped to provide not only inspiration, but also samples of tasty pork from the area. Recently, he accidentally received a shipment of sauce at his home meant for a restaurant. This spurred him to branch out and create a rub of his own. Sold at festivals, and on their merch site, Andy’s Rippin Rub is a combo of spicy and sweet including ingredients like cayenne pepper and brown sugar. The rub works great on ribs but is also stellar on a variety of other meats and veggies.

You can order some of Andy’s Rippin Rub at their merch store or check out one of their shows. For more please visit Umphrey’

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