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Jul 23 / Kevin

Megan McCormick Talks Turkey

For Megan McCormick, convention doesn’t quite cut it.  This 23 year-old rock and blues artist was eager to start life at a pretty young age—at shiny 16 she left home in Alaska for a college in Tennessee.  Now, only a few years later she is touring the country with a new album out, Honest Words, and an Amos Lee opening (among other things) under her belt.  Her talents range through many sounds and instruments—blues, country, and rock styles find company in her arsenal of voice, guitar, lap steel, mandolin, bass, and a little banjo.  EM was fortunate enough to sit down with this Nashville resident during a visit to New York at Plaza Diner.  The harsh, shiny authenticity of the diner with Dixie Chicks blaring in the background was a perfect setting matched only by our twin orders of buttery waffles and turkey protein (hers sausage, mine bacon).  After discussing a mutual distaste for eggs and the merit of breakfast in general, she began talking about the intersection of music and food in her life—family.

The American Family

“Almost everybody in my family plays music on some level.  And almost everybody is pretty damn good, it’s not like a hobby, it’s a pretty serious thing.  So I was always around it and I just became interested.  When I was really young, I was interested in listening but I wasn’t ready to pick anything up.  I remember the family would have big jam sessions.  I remember laying in the bass drum, my mom was a drummer, there was a pillow in the bass drum and I would lay on the floor and listen to them jam.  I finally got serious enough and started messing around with guitar and my grandma bought me one… and I just could learn from everybody.  My grandma showed me my very first song, both of my grandpas were guitar players and my uncle, I mean just all around so it was easy to learn.  I never did the lessons I just listened to the music and would learn that way.”

“…with my family, the three most important things are probably, music, food, and beer.  I’ve kinda left out the third one for me. But yeah, it’s a huge thing.  We just get together for big, big, big thanksgivings where we’ve got two baked turkeys, two smoked turkeys, two deep-fried turkeys—it’s a ton of people and really good food.”

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“My favorite thing is to find the local co-op… if you’re on the road for any amount of time it’s difficult to sustain, you know, a really healthy energy…it’s nice to find the local co-op and get fruits and veggies and nuts and whatever else they have.  I can be fickle though, I can go from that to ‘let’s find the best burger in town.’”

“I guess my favorite thing to cook at home…I cook greens at home 4-5 nights a week and quinoa 3-4 nights a week.  I love vegetables—like broccoli, greens.  Once a year I’ll get a shipment of fish, caribou, salmon, halibut, red snapper, from my family, so when I get that, I’ll cook a lot of that.”


“There are a few restaurants in Nashville that do southern food but in a different way.  For instance, there’s this place called City House that is like more of a rustic Italian restaurant but they serve greens and grits but it will be like grits with pecorino cheese.  And it’s been really interesting and awesome to live in the south and get to know it a bit.  I don’t think I quite identify with it but I feel that way about almost everywhere I’ve ever been so I don’t think I’ve quite found the right place for me.”

Look for Megan McCormick’s new album ‘Honest Words’, coming out August 17.

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