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Jun 25 / andrew

I Scream, You Scream, we all scream for MEATBALLS


Most nights you’ll find a line down the street waiting to get into The Meatball Shop, except if your eating with two uber hip indie bands and everyone thinks your famous or something. The guys of White Belt Yellow Tag and the lady and gents of Sparrow and the Workshop sat down with EM and talked balls and meat..and shops or something.

The Bands

Two completely different sound’s, but both friendly as can be, WTYB hail from England and just released an album entitled ‘Methods‘. They play quite a bit around the UK, so for everyone across the pond take a look at the site for their concert schedule.

Three person Sparrow and the Workshop also hails from the UK and has all over the island. Check out their shop for sweet shirts and even a flower pot.

Here’s what each group had to say about The Meatball Shop…

Sparrow and the Workshop

“We give the Meatball Shop a round of high-fives! I had the veggie option with mushroom gravy, which was delicious, and Nick and Gregor got the traditional Beef Meatballs with tomato sauce, which they said was the perfect antidote to a hangover. The sides range from healthy greens to heavy risotto, so you can get whatever your heart (literally) fancies. They also have a good drink selection (our drink of the day was fizzy Strawberry Lemonade, hell yeah!) and a dessert menu too, in case you aren’t bursting at the seams when you finish your meal. I guess on top of all that the waitstaff is really sweet and helpful, which is like the icing on the cake, or the sauce on the ball (can we say that?). Overall, the meatball store get 3 big ole’ thumbs up from us Sparrows.”

YouTube Preview Image

White Belt Yellow Tag’s, Craig Pilbin

“I’m a carnivorous kind of guy.   I did not know meatballs came in so many varieties until I was faced with the menu.  As always the American service was impeccably friendly and the waitress took us through the ordering system.

I wasn’t too hungry but I felt like I had to try them all so I opted for a selection of meatballs in little bread buns (like tiny burgers). They were awesome, a flavor sensation.

YouTube Preview Image

Now I didn’t have the appetite to taste the whole menu, but I am reliably informed that the mash potato is particularly fantastic.  Being from England, one of the leading mash potato loving nations in the world, I would like to put my professional opinion to this next time I’m in the Big Apple.

This is a top restaurant and I definitely recommend, if you’re ever in New York, to eat here

I give it four spoons out of five forks!”

The Meat Ball Shop; 84 Stanton St, btw Allen and Orchard; Lower East Side; 212.982.8895

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