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Jun 18 / Josh

Andrew WK’s Dinner Party


Andrew WK is quite the multitasker. While he is in the midst of one of his biggest summer tours in years, he still is making time for recording, filming TV spots, and of course, partying hard. Be sure to read on to read about his love for fast food, favorite restaurants in NYC, and some interesting stories from the road.

I Want Candy

“I grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan. My parents were very conscientious, they did not buy us junk food. One of the biggest parts of my childhood was not having access to a lot of the food that I craved or was excited about.”

“I love now being able to treat myself to whatever food I feel like eating. This was a big change when I moved out, to follow my cravings. I decided this was the best way to eat. I wouldn’t consider it junk food or a vice, but I call it prepared or manufactured food. My favorite thing about it is that all this research, time, creativity, imagination and manufacturing, that goes into developing this food experience. It’s a real product that has as much depth to it as a movie. There’s a whole story about the packaging and the aesthetics, the atmosphere, the mood, the texture, the flavor. Every layer is very fun for me to partake in as a consumer.”

NYC Love

“In Manhattan you have all the variety. There’s a stretch in Manhattan where I’ll get a hot dog first, then get 2 Taco Bell hard shell tacos, then I’ll get a cheeseburger, then I’ll get a slice of pizza, then I’ll get fried chicken and a biscuit, then I’ll get some gummy bears.”

“There’s this place called Big Mick’s, a 23 hour restaurant. They have an incredibly huge menu. They’ve recently scaled back, but for many years they were known for the 40 page menu they had. A classic diner type menu. Every kind of regional cuisine is represented. The food is very good. Their burgers and pizza are fantastic. It’s the only place that isn’t a pizza restaurant that has good pizza on it.”

Favorite Recipe

“I would cook up a box of couscous then take an entire block of tofu, drain the water out of  it, mash it in there. Then take half a cup of brewer’s yeast dump it in there. I’d then grind up some peppercorns and salt.”

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The Final Frontier

“I had a very early recording called ‘You Are What You Eat’. It was right before I moved to NY. I was 17, living in Ypsalenti, Michigan. I just recorded this short album. I gave it to my friend, he made two copies, and it got lost. Fortunately, someone found a copy recently. The album cover was an ice cream sundae in a tall soda fountain glass with a nice big straw, cherry and whipped cream. Its sitting on the horizon of outer space.”

Worst Meal Ever

“This was a meal that my wife ordered. We were driving from New York to Allentown, PA. We went to this diner, that I would always would pass. Walking in, the place was very impressive up close. They put a lot of money into decking this place out.  An old friend gave some great advice whenever you are at a diner: order diner food. Don’t order fish, ethnic food, or anything unusual that you don’t see people eating. My wife took a gamble and ordered the seafood scampi. When they brought it out it was like the Simpsons episode when Mr. Burns creates the Lil Lisa’s slurry, like a gray slime put into a barrel. They brought out a huge bowl, a foot in diameter. It was filled to the brim with this thick, gelatinous seafood slurry. It was like a joke. The waiter brought it over and he had this frown on his face, said “enjoy” and walked away quickly.”

Muy Caliente

“Our guitarist, Frank, has a huge taste for spicy food. He makes a lot of homemade hot sauces. Being around someone who was very into spicy food, I’m now hooked. Its very rare that I can find something that’s too spicy. My favorite hot sauce, its this Mexican brand “El Yaucato”. They are extremely spicy, right to the threshold of where you cant take it. Incredible flavor.”

Andrew WK is headlining the Warped Tour this summer, playing on the tour for the first time since 2003 and playing with a full band for the first time since 2007. After his summer tour, Andrew noted that he will have played in front of more than 1 million people. Be sure to check out the tour dates and his newest record at his website,

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