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May 24 / epliskin

Tofu and Crap Like That


Keller Williams can do a lot of things really well, like running around stage playing an assortment of instruments while not wearing any shoes. One thing he doesn’t do so well…eat properly. For K Dubs’ love for fast food, pre-show rituals and a few recipes, read on!

“I’ve never eaten well, my diet has always been horrible. Acutally, I wouldn’t say I had a horrible diet growing up, but my parents did not shy away from meat and processed foods, and there was always a bottom drawer of Little Debbies…they’re always good.” We have to give the guy some credit though, he did go vegetarian for a two-year period of his life, albeit for a girl he was dating at the time. “I wasn’t eating meat, I ate a lot of bean burritos, potato chips, tofu, and crap like that.”

Keller only eats fast food about once a month while he’s on the road, but he would gladly eat it a lot more if it wasn’t documented that the stuff is so bad for you. His fast-food of choice is a #2 with bacon at McDonalds (that’s a quarter pounder with cheese for those who shy away from Ronald’s place).

Smoky Mustard Love

“I like that regular without the Super Size…and a couple of hot mustard dipping sauces. You can pretty much take the whole thing and throw it in the trash unless there is hot mustard dipping sauce for the burger and fries. Speaking of mustard dipping sauces, Chick-Fil-A has an incredible smoky mustard sauce that was invented by a guy in my hometown of Fredericksburg, and for a long time you could only get it in that area. One time, someone from corporate came in and said ‘you can’t serve this hot mustard sauce because we’re a chain, so we’re gonna go ahead and take this away’. The guy who created it implored the corporate guy to work the register for the day, and the first 10-15 people that came up and asked for that sauce were totally bummed out that it wasn’t available so they brought it back…anyway, there’s no need for me to talk about Chick-Fil-A unless there’s the smoky mustard…it’s all about the smoky mustard!”

Fast Food Lightning Round

Here are some of Keller’s other fast food preferences, even though he doesn’t eat them too often:
Wendy’s – “Baconator is ok”
Hardees – “Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger is pretty good”
Arby’s – “Beef n’ Cheddar. I’m not really sure it’s actually beef or not, but man it’s good!! It’s like how Pringles can’t call them ‘potato’ chips and how Kentucky Fried Chicken has to be called KFC because for awhile there it wasn’t actually chicken.”

Keller and the Keels: Larry Keel, Keller Williams and Jenny Keel

Mash It Up

Nowadays, Keller eats out very rarely and does some cooking on his own, usually a mash-up of some sort. Here’s a Keller favorite:

1lb ground beef
Old El Paso Taco Seasoning
Mix it up with 2/3 water
Let it simmer till the water goes away
Then mix in some mac and cheese
Cut up a bunch of peppers and onions and mix all that in

“Another mash-up is where you take a big tub and mix in cans of chick peas, kidney beans, green peas, edamame, soy beans, etc. and just have that sitting around all the time.”


“Instant Oatmeal with milk or even half and half if you want a treat, not water for all you college kids! My favorite breakfast though is Fiber One Caramel Delight with 2% milk. It fills me up and makes me right for a long time. Bojangles sausage and cheese biscuits are great in the Southeast and you can have those any time of the day.”

Pre-show Dining
“We often get to a show at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and by 5pm we’ll sit down for some take-out. Usually Thai is a pretty safe bet. Everyone can order from Thai or Chinese without looking at a menu. We just call up the local place and rattle off a few dishes. I usually get the Pad Thai, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of egg, the peanut sauce, the tofu, chicken, and noodles.”

Keller is also one of a few musicians who have mentioned to EM the impressiveness of catering on the Dave Matthews Band tour. He toured with the band about five years ago. “Oh my God yes…like a gourmet feast. They took so good care of the whole crew and they were just good people.”

“There’s a frozen custard place here in Fredericksburg called Carl’s, and that’s my favorite place”

“I’m a vodka drinker, I like Grey Goose”

Touring and the New Album
Keller is going to be playing a lot of different festivals this year, some are solo gigs and others are with a few of his friends. One in particular that he mentioned he’s looking forward to is the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival out in San Francisco. It’s a free show with a lot of different bands and should be a great time. Make sure to check out his schedule here

The new album, “Thief”, coming out on May 25th, is a follow-up to the album ‘Grass’ from 2006 the he did with the Keels. This album is all covers. They have been playing some of these live, but he’s really looking forward to playing the new ones live out on the tour this year. Keller describes the album as more ‘fun’ than ‘art’, so if you’re looking for a fun album to listen to while cooking up some good meals, take a listen to ‘Thief’.

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  1. Kristin / May 24 2010

    What a great article!!! Keller has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time… New album comes out tomorrow (!)and I am STOKED for two sets at All Good. Now, when I see him, I will be prepared with a Grey Goose for him <3

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