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May 7 / andrew

The Hood Internet Likes Food, There You Have It


STV SLV (Steve Reidell) and ABX (Aaron Brink) make up the mashup producing DJ’s of The Hood Internet, known for combining anyone from Michael Jackson and Ratatat to Passion Pit and Juvenile; Back that Sleepyhead up, anyone?


ABX: Yeah, we had family dinners quite a bit, my parents definitely cooked a lot for me, I don’t know if they were great cooks — but they don’t read the blog so I don’t think I’ll get into too much trouble [laughs].

STV: In Minnesota we eat a lot of casseroles, like tater tot casseroles and cream of mushroom soup with some other stuff mixed in there.

The duo did not lead us too much into their culinary upbringing, but we’re pretty sure they got by on the hearty meat and potatoes style of the Midwest.

On the road

The major food shift for us is when we’re on the road, we have to have a quick meal. When we go to different cities we seek out eateries unique to wherever we are and go on peoples recommendations.”


When asked STV and ABX on any little unknown food oddities about them, STV asked if Arby’s counted.  (Not sure if that’s quirky or simply a delicious food habit?)

STV: “I think I have relatively normal food habits, but when I was little I loved peanut butter on everything!”

ABX: “I put ketchup on everything when I was little, even cornflakes, I recall that being pretty good.”

Favorite restaurants

Voodoo Doughnut, Portland OR

STV: “They’re so good, some  of their doughnuts have bacon!”

Ben’s Chili Bowl, Washington DC

“I like going to Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC, our old band used to always go there if we played nearby”

dirtcandy, New York City

“I’m not a vegetarian, but there is a restaurant called dirt candy that’s one of the best meals i’ve ever had (new york city). The ingredients used in everything was just the right combination – they nailed every course.”

The boys are always putting together anything and everything in the name of taking good music and making it better. Check their site out for the latest remixes!

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