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May 25 / Josh

Slow Cooking with Mark Trojanowski


You know Mark Trojanowski of Sister Hazel has no problem keeping a beat on his drums, but did you know that he’s also a grill master? “My newest side project is barbecue. I got a slow cooker not too long ago, and I’ve been into slow-cooking Boston butts for like 13, 14 hours.” This Atlanta resident knows that if you’re gonna survive in the south, you’d better know how to make good barbecue. Lucky for his fans, he also knows good music.

The Man, The Cook, The Legend

“My mom was a big cook, and a lot of my relatives were really into cooking. I think that I sort of got into it because my family cooked a lot. Even when I went away as a kid to different music events and stuff, I would make my own breakfast omelettes and things like that. And when I went away to college and I wasn’t home sometimes for Thanksgiving, I’d invite a bunch of my friends over and cook a huge Thanksgiving meal. I was into cooking, and I loved to eat, so it was kind of just a natural pairing.”


“My wife & I started a garden. We’d been doing herbs for awhile but we kind of did the full-blown garden last year. It was pretty successful for the most part so we decided this year to expand it. It’s kind of fun. We have everything from eggplants to peppers to tomatoes, and then basil, rosemary and oregano. We also did some onions and carrots this year. I don’t know if it’s the soil, or the climate, or what – but we’re trying to do the melons, the squashes, the watermelons. We haven’t had success yet, but we’ll see how it goes this year.”

Eating on Tour

“We don’t really cook on the bus. We tried to bring on a barbecue grill a couple of years ago, but it’s really difficult to use on the bus. We get a daily rider with fresh fruits – bananas, pears, plums, whatever – and then just a lot of yogurt and sandwich meat. Stuff that’ll keep for awhile in the refrigerator. We try to eat as healthy as we can, but if we have a day off or some free time we like to go find restaurants in town.”

Thomas Keller’s French Laundry – people talk about it like he’s one of the great American chefs, and you go there and have a three-hour food experience.

Auberge du Soleil is just beautiful. It’s like a spa – people go there to get married and stuff.”

“I’m an early riser, so I love to go out and find a breakfast joint in each town. I’m a big omelette person. Seabiscuit Café (Isle of Palms, SC) makes a really good crab omelette. They have really good french toast as well, but not too many places can make a crab omelette. They get fresh crabs daily and put them in omelettes! It’s just…awesome.”

 Indulging on International Waters

“The chocolate melting cake on The Rock Boat  is pretty ridiculous, and it’s so ridiculous that I don’t even think I’ve had  it in the last couple of years because it’s one of those things where you order one, and then you order another and another and another.  A lot of my friends order it every night because it’s so ridiculous and crazy and rich, so I just sort of stay away from it. It’s like a bag of M&M’s where you eat one, and then you eat another one and another one and another one. Before the cruise ship fires they used to light the Baked Alaska and Cherry’s Jubilee at the table with the cognac. Presentation-wise it was really cool, but it also tasted a little different. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Baked Alaska though.”
Lightning Round!

Favorite Breakfast?“Omelettes. Straight-up omelettes.”

Favorite Hot Dog Topping? “Onions and tomato sauce. It comes from growing up in New York and having a Sabrett hot dog from a street vendor. I would typically get it with mustard and sauerkraut and – only in New York did I find it – they do like a relish of onions and tomato sauce. Just find a little Sabrett push cart on the corner in New York City and ask for the onion topping!”

Worst meal ever? “The band had gotten these really bad tuna fish sandwiches one time at a place that I won’t mention. Gave several people food poisoning, so a lot of us don’t even eat tuna fish anymore. It was in Memphis. I’ll give you that much.”

Best meal ever? “Copper river sockeye salmon. It’s only available in late June and early July but it’s like eating butter. They cook it just a little bit – sear it – but the rest of it’s like having sushi salmon, and I’m a big sushi fan. It’s amazing. If it was my verylast meal it would have to be some type of Italian food. Either a lasagna or manicotti or something like that. Something rich with an awesome sauce.”

You can find Mark (and the rest of the band) with a mojito (or margarita) in hand in the beginning of June at the Windjammer for the 5th annual Hazelnut Hang, or this January on The Rock Boat.  Can’t wait till then? Check their website for more tour dates, and make sure you get to iTunes or on June 1st for your copy of their new EP  “Threeve!” Be sure to preview the track “All The Love” at

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