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May 3 / Josh

Casino Cafeteria Conversation

Steel Train 1

We recently talked with Steel Train bassist Evan Winiker, who coincidentally called us from the cafeteria at the MGM Foxwoods casino. Between bites of carrot cake and ordering a cheeseburger, Evan shared his favorite restaurants, some quick recipes and his sugar cereal obsession.

Evan grew up in Manhattan, and his mom was an excellent cook. She put together a great Friday night Shabbas dinner every week and showed him the culinary ropes. Now, living in Los Angeles, he has a few go-to recipes when he isn’t on the road.

Evan: “I have a couple of dishes. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I used to be, but I do this amazing Morning Star sausage and egg dish. I also love tuna melts. I can make an amazing tuna melt, its all about the bread and the cheese. “

Frequented Restaurants

Los Angeles – “Mustard Seed for lunch, an amazing brunch place. I always get the tuna melt with potato salad”

“The best Thai place I’ve ever been to is in Los Angeles and its called Jitlada. Its southern Thai food. I usually go for the pad thai but their oysters are the big thing, really spicy and really good.”

New York – “Elaine’s on the Upper East Side has amazing pasta.”

Tuscon, AZ  – “There is an incredible restaurant in the Hotel Congress. They have beef medallions that are amazing.”

Gotta Have My Pops

“I love cereal, sugary cereal. All of it. Fruity Pebbles, Golden Smacks, Corn Pops, all are my favorites.”

Coffee vs. Tea

“Coffee. Decaf iced mocha is my drink.”

Favorite Desserts

“I’m eating a piece of carrot cake right now actually. I also love coffee ice cream and good cupcakes from Mangolia Bakery.”

Last Meal

“Chicken Parmesan, caesar salad, sauteed vegetables and Carvel ice cream cake for dessert.”

Late night snack

“Pirates Booty is great. I like cereal at night. I know that’s a weird thing but I like it.”

Connection Between Food and Music

“The more you put in, the more you get out of it. Its one of those things where you have the ability to make something great… or something shitty.”

Evan and Steel Train have been on the road all spring, touring with the Fray, Tegan and Sara and others. The band is about to commence a headlining tour of the US and Europe to promote their new album, Terrible Thrills, set for release in late June. Be sure to check out their tour dates here.

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