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Apr 26 / Josh

There’s A Light In The Kitchen


We chatted recently with the bassist from Assembly of Dust, John Leccese. The band has been touring nonstop since their newest release last year. Be sure to read on for food-related nicknames, favorite desserts, and the scientific coffee measurements of their guitarist.

Cooking at Home

“I do most of the cooking. I cook for my girlfriend. We are big pirogi fans. We don’t get them homemade, but they are close to homemade. One of my specialities would be this quasi-homemade pizza. I buy these little Greek rectangular flatbreads. They are super thin. I throw stuff on there and pop it in the oven. Its as good as any thin crust pizza you can get anywhere and its real easy.”

Restaurants On Tour

El Balazao – “This burrito joint is on Haight Street in San Francisco. The front of it has a sandwich board with a painting of a saintly looking woman. Some of the best Mexcian food.”

Mozza- “Last time we were in LA we went to Mario Batali’s restaurant. That was unbelievable, amazing.”

Festival Food

“We usually go late night to hunt down the vendors. Ali Baba’s, out of Vermont, they make a schwarma thing that is really memorable.”

John, the Warlord

“Way back in the day I was notorious for eating food off of other people’s plates. The road manager at the time nicknamed me Warlord. I don’t know if you’ve seen the SNL when Phil Hartman played Bill Clinton. He goes to McDonalds after jogging and goes to each table. He tells the story and eats their food at the same time. The story he tells, [insert Clinton impression here]. ‘Say there’s this Chicken McNugget, which is a Somalian. The warlords come in and EAT the Chicken McNugget’.”

[Note: We found the SNL skit on Hulu, check it out here]

Favorite Dessert

“Too many to think of. Black and white cookie. I think I like the black part better.”

Food Scientist

“Our guitar player, Adam, it takes him 10 minutes to make a cup of coffee. In terms of putting the milk and sugar in, we always joke that he has to put on a lab coat as if it were a science experiment. He makes sure the ratio of coffee to milk to sugar is just right.”

Midnight Snack

“A good falafel.”

Favorite Booze

“The hard stuff pretty much. We usually have Jack Daniels backstage or some Stoli.”

Be sure to check out Assembly of Dust on tour as they’ll be making a few stops this summer, including the Gathering of the Vibes Festival.

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