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Apr 14 / andrew

Reformed Fast Food Addict Turns Toward Greener Pastures

Cary Brothers

Cary Brothers, on the heels of a new release, recently spent some time with EM discussing southern fried goodness, owning a plot of land, and finding divinity in all that is green!

18 years in Nashville, TN

“I grew up southern fried guy, my poor heart. Pretty much when I was a kid, if you could fry it, I would eat it: chicken, shrimp, catfish, I was raised on southern delicacy. My mom didn’t cook that much, so cooking didn’t come into my life until the past year while home taking it easy and recording”

Fried guy to the Green guy

“The kitchen used to be the last place in the world I would go, and now having a good lady in my life, something about her and a general overview of the food industry these days, and knowing what I’ve been putting into my body, I’ve been become kind of organic the past year” says Brothers.

“When I was on the road I would take vegetable pills because when I would go 2 weeks without anything green.” Yikes? Perhaps, Brothers seems to have had an epiphany in regards to his southern upbringing. This is sure to help out with his Summer 2010 Tour, dates still TBD.

Chef Brothers

“A lot of stuff with cooking and foods I owe to Jessie, a big music fan who runs a blog called To Kiss The Cook, who speaks mostly on food and restaurants. It’s pretty bad ass.”

“Kale and broccoli and asparagus have suddenly become my favorite things in the world and I would’ve never expected that. Cooking used to be scary and now it’s kind of like a game show, it’s all experimentation. It’s like a sport and I love it!”

“I was coming back to the states once, and watched Julie & Julia, and watching her mess up while cooking something, and related back to my own experimentation. For the first time, I connected to Julia Child!”

Brothers: The reformed fast food addict

“I’m a recovering fast food addict. Anytime I drive past a McDonalds or a Wendy’s I want to turn the car. I know something’s wrong when I’ve eaten everything on the Denny’s menu in about a 6 month period. I had a realization that wasn’t a good thing.”

Favorite restaurants

The Red Iguana, Salt Lake City, UT

“It’s a mexican joint that is perfect, the burritos there will change your life, I swear. It’s the first thing I think about when I get to Salt Lake City. We try and schedule soundchecks and interviews around having a nice sit down dinner over there.”

Skyline Chili, Cincinnati, OH

“They just serve spaghetti, cheese and chili.  I was bringing the guys from Aqualung over there for their chili, and they looked at me and questioned everything about my tastebuds, until they dove into it and realized it was amazing.”

Fat Sandwich Company (Multiple Locations)

“My best food road experience by far is at the Fat Sandwich Company, it’s literally the most unhealthy place in America I would say, I don’t think anything could be less healthy then this restaurant.  I ordered a Philly Cheesesteak with Cheeseburger, Mozzarella Sticks and Chicken Fingers in it. It was the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Did I mention they serve a burger between Krispy Kreme’s as buns?

Woah, yum city.

“When I’m in New York, all I want is pizza, non stop. It’s my excuse for going there,” said Cary. That comment pretty much sold me on Cary Brothers as a musician and human being, our friendship can now begin.

Cary Brothers owns Real Estate

“The day I signed my record deal I was pretty excited and my friend Brian gives me an application from  Jack Daniel’s to be a Tennessee Squire, which is the official Jack Daniel’s drinking society. He nominated me and I got a membership card and my own plot of land in Lynchburg, TN.”

Keep an eye out for the release of Cary Brother’s summer tour dates!


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