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Apr 25 / andrew

Peanut Butter On A Spoon and Other Trinidadian Tales…


K-OS talked with us during a break from soundcheck at a show he was doing with Drake at Oakland University in Detroit, MI. He spoke with EM on his Trinidadian upbringing both in Toronto and down in the homeland, his vegetarianism and his favorite eats on the road.


“The biggest cultural thing for me occurred while I was in grade four [when] we all moved back to  Trinidad. A mission of my parents was to have us engrossed in the Trinidadian culture. We lived in the houses my parents grew up in and more importantly both of my grandmothers, who are the craziest cooks, schooled us.”

“[Trinidadian] food has a mixture of East Indian and Mayan [influences]. It’s also next to Venezuela giving the Spanish some credit, as well as West Africa. Trinidad has an eclectic palette as far as food is concerned. We ate Fufu, which is a ground cornmeal that they serve it like a mashed potato. They serve that with kalalu soup, which is like spinach soup but has a very thick flavor to it.”

“My grandma grew up on a farm, so I’d go out and there pick everything from fresh fruit to Christmas bush, which was a mind blower from grade 4 to 8 watching these women”

Vegetarianism and Favorite Restaurants

“I am a vegetarian and have been for awhile. It all comes down to steamed vegetables and being very organic. I love rice and Italian food, especially Terroni on Adelaide, which is probably one of the most beloved restaurants in Toronto.”

“If I’m in the mood for West Indian, I really enjoy Roti Palace, which serves some of the best Roti I’ve ever had.”

On The Road and A Little Known Food Quirk

“[In] our fridge, we have a lot of beer, a few spinach salads, milk, a veggie plate, a lot of San Pellegrino, crazy Vitamin Water and a snack stash in the back for the late nights. Everyone on the bus are pretty much vegetarian. DJ Jazz and I are big vegetarians. It’s a great atmosphere, and the meat eaters get it, and we get it. We don’t judge eachother, we keep our food away from each other.”

“If I could be all pornographic about it, I’m a huge peanut butter on a spoon guy, that’s a lot of my protein. I’ll be killin that all day to the point where jokes get made”

K-OS is currently touring around the country. He has a full band behind him, which is uncommon in hip-hop. His latest album Yes! can be found in stores or through his website.

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