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Apr 11 / andrew

Oh, I’m a Savage For My Cabbage


Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Jones spent the afternoon with Epicurean Musician at the Lower East Side Skate Park in Manhattan and chatted over lunch at Wo Hop.  With Xaphoon’s beats and Chiddy’s flow, you’ll be hearing a lot from these boys in the coming months.

Nigerian and Philadelphian roots

Chiddy Bang, “Some might say I’m a picky eater, but having grown up in a Nigerian household for 19 years some of it has grown on me. There’s this dish, kind of like mashed potatoes called Fufu, which is common in my house.”

Xaphoon Jones, “Living in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, near the Italian Market, me and my roomies like to cook sometimes. Usually some pasta with chicken, cook it with orange liquer and vegetables, it’s the best.”

The Picky Eater vs. Xaphoon Jones, Crepe Extraordinare

Some call Chiddy a picky eater, but this is hard to believe after sitting down with him for lunch, eating some of Wo Hop’s house special lo mein and beef wontons. While at SXSW last month, the duo started the day at a crepe stand. Chiddy wasn’t sold right away, but by the end grew a love for them (who wouldnt?!).

“Yeah, I have to put him onto a lot of things” says Xaphoon.

Pictured: Chiddy Bang, EM’s Andrew Gordon and Xaphoon Jones

West Coast Eats and Studio grub

While on the west coast, Chiddy and Xaphoon are into In N’ Out, Carl’s Jr. and Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles. They’re all about the soul food…

“When we’re in the studio we do a lot of late night, like 5pm to 5am sessions, soul food is the unifier. Chicken, cornbread, strange beef sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese,” said Xaphoon.

East Coast Eats

“The studio is right near Virgils BBQ in Midtown, so we’ve been eating a lot of that.” Xaphoon was quick to tell me about a buddies job at a new Brooklyn spot, Dutch Boy Burger located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Today’s lunch was Wo Hop, but we originally planned to have dumplings from  Joe’s Shanghai of Flushing (the mile-long line changed our minds).

New album title: Orange Juice?

“We like to start our morning each day with orange juice,” said Xaphoon.

“Sometimes I don’t even want to eat anything for breakfast and just stick to orange juice, we drink gallons of it!.” – Chiddy Bang

Keep an eye on these two. They have an EP coming early May, and a full length album in August.  Come June 4th they’ll be playing with RJD2 and Pretty Lights at Terminal 5. Also be sure to have a listen to their latest mixtape.

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