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Apr 18 / Josh

More Songs About Buildings And Food


Join us for a trip across the globe to Melbourne, Australia, where you’ll find Kellie Sutherland, member of the band Architecture in Helsinki. Kellie is an enthusiastic musician and her years on the road have shaped her into a true gastronome.

Kellies Kitchen

“I do so much more cooking than I ever thought than I would. I’m pretty sure that this happened from being on tour. This is how music and food relating for me – because of all the time spent away from home. As soon as I get home, all I want to do is use the stove, the oven, use some knives.”

“I also found that being in the US and seeing/learning of peoples attitudes about food, against the standard American diet. Considering the whole revolution, with Alice Waters, fresh produce, being a localvore. I had access to that information while I was on tour. It was because of all that I saw, I wanted to come back home and put it into practice.”

“My garden consists of parsley and succulents. Unfortunately, I live in a small place and haven’t got a garden. I’m lucky to live in a neighborhood with good green grocers. We have two farmers markets that run fortnightly and they are in the same general area. There is Collingwood Farmers Market – a farm just down the road in the city. Also, in the middle of town there is an amazing 130 year old produce market (Queen Victoria Market) right in the middle of the city. There is no excuse not to eat well.”

God Save The Pie

“Before I was in bands I’d go to festivals all the time. In the UK, I was at the small festival, End of the Road, and it was the first time I noticed a vendor called PieMinister (as in prime minister). They served pies, a small single serve pastry, served with mashed potatoes and mushy peas, and a gravy sauce. You got this bucket and its warm food at a cold festival. The line was always an hour long wait, but totally worth it. I think its the best food you could have at a cold festival, with a glass of warm cider.”

It Puts A Rose In Every Cheek

I have a very positive relationship with Vegemite. I crave it. Its delicious, salty spread and its better than all the other mites. Don’t get it confused with Marmite. Marmite is disgusting. We’ve converted a lot of friends. Usually the Vegemite and avocado combination works. Its not as in your face. [On toast], you’ve got to know how to use Vegemite, not to cover the entire piece. You need to get the butter/vegemite ratio perfect when you eat it.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee for us is not drip. It’s like espresso. We have it similar to how you’d order a cappuccino. Its much shorter and its called a ‘flat white’. It’s a full shot of espresso and milk that has been warmed and lightly frothed.

Eating in Melbourne

“There’s been a huge immigrant population, so our Italian and Greek food are the bomb. There’s a precinct in Melbourne that has mostly Italian ingredients, wine, shops, an area called Lygone Street. Greek food has also had a resurgence in popularity. [Kellie loves Hellenic Republic] I love anything that’s been on the grill. Greek food is really easy for me, its all about cheese, lemon and lamb. How could you possibly go wrong?”

Other Australian Favorites

“Perth and Western Australia is fabulous for fresh seafood because the water is right there. You have restaurants that are one second from the backdoor, its so fresh and amazing. Sydney is fabulous for Thai food because its further north than Melbourne, its closer to Southeast Asia. Our favorite thai restaurant in Sydney has told us they cant open in Melbourne because the produce wouldn’t be fresh enough, their distributors are further north. The place is called Spice I Am. They have a peppercorn eggplant dish and the most delicious, rich curry.”

Favorites in the US

Totonno’s in Brooklyn – “I loved the attitude in that place.”

Zingerman’s in Detroit – “This was an amazing deli in Detroit. It had this wall of spices with stuff from Australia that I’d never heard of. Things that are indigenous to Australia. I had never heard of them, like Wattleseed, which I bought once we got home. It’s a nutty, chocolatey, warm spice. You use it like cinnamon, in coffee, desserts.”

Erewhon in LA – “It became really important to us to eat healthy. We always would stay at the same hotel in LA where we would start our tours, because it was across the road from a health food co-op, Erewhon, with salad, raw foods, etc. It was great to start the tour there and stock up the tour bus.”


“I became a vegetarian because River Phoenix was a vegetarian. I was 15 or something. It was also because I felt uncomfortable about killing an animal. It was about responsibility. Once I started thinking about local food, etc. in the last few years, I started to shift. I began to think deeper about life and death. I thought of what is to be a human and still having that responsibility to the earth, but not necessarily that personal responsibility of killing an animal.”

Fast Food of Choice

“Sushi rolls. Its great, its very cheap and relatively healthy. In downtown Melbourne, every second street will have a sushi place. Its just the nori roll, rice and filling, whether it be teryaki chicken, raw tuna, tofu slices. Delicious and cheap, like 2 dollars a roll.”

Worst Meal

“I think I cooked it the other night. I was real disappointed. I was very tired, but I like to come home and make something. I really felt like cooking. My head was everywhere. I pulled out all the produce that was in the fridge and tried to make something and I ended up having lettuce with quinoa. It was real, real bad.”

The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life’s Problems

“Any kind of white wine. Spanish white wine, New Zealand white wine. Western Australian white wine, I think you can see a pattern here. I really like a dry, crisp, a little white wine. I actually just got into ciders, beautiful pear ciders.

“We have great microbreweries, cider breweries and amazing wine in Australia. We’re pretty lucky when it comes to poisons.”

Origin of a Band Name

“It was one of those things when you are a band and you need a name. We cut out words from the newspaper and we just chose the words/phrases based on sounds. It was random. We had a show that week at the local pub or something and it went into the local press and that was the end of it.”

Kellie and the band are spending very long days in the studio, and should have their new album out sometime later this year. AIH doesn’t have any tour dates lined up at the moment, but stay tuned to their MySpace page for updates.

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