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Apr 6 / andrew

It’s just Roast and Potatoes baby!

BETTYE D promo final

After four decades of soul singing, Ms. Bettye Lavette, who has sang with some of the world’s greatest artists, is “coming up out of the crypt” and debuting her new album Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook. This album is an R&B twist on some of the most celebrated work from our friends on the other side of the pond.

Bettye’s take on life, food and music is rooted in one word, “simplicity”.

Not Louisiana

With her families roots in the deep south, good old Louisiana, she was the first to be born elsewhere. Family time and home cooking went hand in hand in her home growing up in Michigan.

“Sunday dinner is a big thing” Bettye explains.  This past Sunday she made a Roast and Potatoes.  EM asked “Any secrets?”. Bettye replied, “It’s just a roast and potatoes baby, if you can’t make a roast, and fry some chicken…” You get her idea!

The Proverbial Pie

“I’m not just a one dimensional woman, I’m a wife, grandmother, and rhythm and blues singer” states Bettye.  ”Everything completes the pie so to speak.”

Throughout the conversation with Bettye, themes of love and appreciation, simplicity and devotion resonated.

Be sure to check out the album, coming out May 25th! Check out her tour schedule here

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  1. Slava / Mar 16 2016

    A simple pot roast with carrots and potatoes that s perfect to serve for Sunday supper. The roast is tender and just falls apart!

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