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Apr 12 / Josh

I’m Gonna Feed You and Make You Shine


The interview with the phenomenal Grace Potter has left us hankering for some maple syrup, very sharp cheddar cheese, and a long needed to return to the Green Mountain state. Grace’s love of food, abundant Vermont pride and lifelong connection with the land is truly inspiring.

“I was born in the Mad River Valley, which is about 40 minutes south of Burlington. I still live here. I spend a lot of time in Vermont.”

The Unappreciative Foodie

“I remember being a kid and thinking why I was eating wild rice instead of Uncle Ben’s. All my friends had Gushers and Yoohoo in their lunchboxes and I’m sitting there with whole wheat grain bread, homemade tuna, chopped scallions and cucumbers that were marinated in lemon juice overnight. I was pissed! I was like ‘Why do I have to eat this?’. I grew up as a foodie, but an unappreciative foodie.”

Molto Bene

“I’m a crazy, crazy cook… Now that there is that turnover into summer, I’ve been using fresh basil in everything. Today, I simmered a white wine and lemon sauce with some olive oil, salt, garlic, pepper, scallions and onions. Then I added chicken bullion and some water. To keep it Italian, I cut up some tomatoes, green olives and fresh basil. I wanted it to taste like summer, so lemon and basil were the stars of the show. Then I just tossed it in with pasta.”

Yakkity Yak

“My godmother and her family have a yak farm down the street. Yak meat is a growing institution in Vermont. As opposed to any beef or sheep, the yak meat and milk has this very smoky flavor to it that I can’t explain. Its not too gamey, its much more like a typical livestock flavor. For a broth or stew, yak stock is fantastic. The yak just gives it that extra edge, kind of like throwing brandy into your soup instead of white wine.”

Local Eating

“The farmer’s market is my place.  There’s one in the center of the Mad River Valley that happens every Sunday from May to the middle of October. It’s a long season and you can watch the local vegetation change. I’m a severe local whore, mainly because I’m cheap. Or because I’m lazy. Maybe with one exception: I’ll go to the end of the earths for truffles and I’ll spend any amount of money on them.”

“Burlington has the Intervale, which is a community gardening center. It’s Burlington’s access to gardening. People buy up a certain plot of land and they garden their specific area, and everyone shares in the produce. It’s a weekly thing where you get three grocery bags per person. It’s fantastic. You can feed a family for days on that.”

“Our neighbor taps our maple syrup on our trees. We get five gallons a year of the maple syrup that he cooks down. So, maple syrup is a big component in our salad dressings. Everything is basically the maple glazed this and that.”

The Rain in Spain

“I love Mario [Batali]. The excursion he did to Spain was a big thing for me, because I lived in Spain for a long time. I always find Spanish food to be compelling but wherever you go [in America], people say its awful. I loved hearing about the ensaimadas, I would eat those every morning when I was there. I lived in Majorca for a while.  It is really porky, buttery dough, and then spiraled. They take this lovely fig jam and then twirl the dough into itself, so its like a coil and then they bake it. It’s just buttery and amazing, and they put powdered sugar on it. I had it every single morning.”

The Blank Grill

I know this sounds horribly shallow, but my trick to finding anywhere good on the road is where it ends in ‘Grill’. Unless they are lying about the fact that they have a grill, they can probably char broil something that tastes good.

Take My Chances On A Big Jet Plane

“My most frequented restaurant in the world right now is the Aeronuova in the JFK terminal. Isn’t it fantastic? I go the Italian one. I always get the penne arriabata there with the arugula, parmesan and lemon juice. That’s my jam. We spend so much time at that terminal and that’s really the closest thing we can get to good food on the road.”

Grace’s Hot Dog

GP: “I’m a relish person, but mainly the onions with all the acidic nasty goodness and obviously I need to throw a maple syrup in there just to be weird.”

EM: “Maple syrup on the hot dog?”

GP: “Oh you’ve never had it? Its so good! It takes it to a whole new level. You need to pickle your hot dogs in maple syrup, its amazing.”

The Recipe for the Mastermind

“There is this great line in one of my songs, Mastermind, I didn’t think of it as a foodie thing at the time. It says I’m going to feed you and make you shine. The whole chorus sounds like a recipe: One part sugar, two parts feeling, three parts water, four parts believing. I can’t recite my lyrics right now, but its half real ingredients and half emotional ingredients.”

Snack of Choice

“Goldfish with Tabasco sauce. You pour it into the big box and shake it. It’s awesome.”

The New Album

“It’s the culminating moment. We’ve been doing this for years and years, we’ve been around for a long time but people are just starting to notice us now. It’s exciting, we feel like we’ve earned it. We aren’t some band that has stumbled into the spotlight.”

“It’s the same way with food for me, you can’t just be good at cooking you have to work really hard at it. You have to study your product, your respect for where the food comes from. It’s so similar, that’s why all chefs want to be rock stars, and all rock stars want to be chefs. If this whole music thing doesn’t work out, I would go open a restaurant in my hometown and run it for the rest of my life. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what I’d do.”

The new self-titled album hits stores June 5th. Below is the first single and the newly released music video for Tiny Light. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals have a lengthy summer tour planned, with tour dates listed here. We really enjoyed chatting with Grace and wish her the best of luck with the new album and supporting tour. Happy Eating, folks!

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  1. Heather Schultz / Apr 13 2010

    LOVE Grace and the Nocturnals. Have seen them twice here in Jackson Hole and LOVE the fact that she’s from Vermont, me too, AND that she went to SLU, me too! She is one talented young lady! Jackson Hole loves her, too! Thanks for the fun article!

  2. BIGJim223 / Apr 13 2010

    It’s about time Grace and the Nocs get noticed! They have been rockin’ for years! I have been to many of their shows and they just get better and better. And if Grace ever opens a restaurant, I will be there!

  3. Fran Schaier / Apr 13 2010

    love the latest interviews they’re just getting better and better

  4. ken.kmetz / Apr 14 2010

    Just discovered u and the band.AWESOME!!!!! Brought back lots of memories with white rabbit.The band is great.When are u coming to n.y.?

  5. citizen カンパノラ / Aug 28 2013

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    Finally І hɑve ound sοmething tɦаt helped mе. Cheers!

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