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Apr 1 / Josh

Both Sides of the Mississippi


Today’s interview with Citizen Cope was great! To make life easier on the road, he has a chef that caters for him and the entire crew. Be sure to read on for Cope’s favorite restaurants, bourbon of choice and his worst meal ever.

Chef De Cope

“I have a chef on the road. [Chef Stephen Mattai from Dega Catering]. He goes towards local food, organic food… He just freestyles it , he doesn’t ask what people want. He’s incredible, everyone loves him. He keeps the vibe up, which is very hard on the road.”

Food on the Road

“I’m usually regional specific. I won’t eat Italian or Japanese in Oklahoma, or eat BBQ or Mexican in New York. If I’m in New York, I’ll eat some Japanese at a place, Sakagura, I love their sashimi. I like Prime Meats in Brooklyn, Frankie’s next to it. Tell Frankie I say what’s up. Sometimes we get things catered from them.  I like this place in San Francisco, Dotty’s. It’s a good little breakfast spot.”

Festival Funk

“The festival food is usually terrible, it’s brought in. Although, at the last Austin City Limits, they brought in one of the Top Chefs and he invited me back for some lamb. He was cooking for Pearl Jam, but I couldn’t make it. [In general], festivals haven’t really gotten it down.  Even most bands, once you get to a certain level, you’ve got to eat right.”

Cooking, Music as Performance

“They all have a similar subconscious vibe. Whether you’re a chef, a sculptor, a painter, a musician, a songwriter… a lot of it comes from the same place. It’s all art. I think food is more of a necessary art. It’s overlooked in this country. “

Current Eating Habits

CC: “I don’t eat beef or pork anymore. When I was on the road earlier in my career, I was eating way too much fast food. I think I OD’d on it. Bad beef and bad pork, I had too much of the bad stuff. I do eat lamb, I love lamb.”

EM: “Are you drifting towards vegetarian life?”

CC: “No, I’m in a carnivorous period right now. “

Dessert Preference

“I love sugar, there’s a lot. Crème brulee, peach cobbler, hot chocolate cake, homemade ice creams.”

Worst Meal Ever

“It was probably the bologna sandwich in jail. I’ll tell you the story some other time.”

Booze of Choice

“I go through stages. I like wines, champagnes. If I drink bourbon it’ll be good bourbon, like Buffalo Trace. I like Armagnac. I like some Rose champagne. French wine, European wine, like Bordeaux. I don’t like California wines”.

Citizen Cope is currently on tour promoting his newest release, The Rainwater LP. He has a jam-packed itinerary and he is definitely worth checking out this spring or summer.

Click here to check out his website.

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