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Apr 7 / Josh

Why Is He Talking About Food So Much?

Today’s interview is with Stephen Kellogg, who with his band the Sixers recently performed their 1,000th show in Manhattan’s Irving Plaza. Stephen is a functional eater on the road and shares his view on the connection between cooking and performing.

A Grand Show

“It’s been the same core [band members] for the 1000 shows: Kit Karlson, Boots Factor, and myself while the guitar position has moved around a little. We’ve had three guitarists, and at times we’ve played as a trio. But in the last year we really, really found the perfect fit in Sam Getz.”

Blue Box Blues

“I don’t do any cooking on the road, but when I get home one of my favorite things to do is to make concoctions of things I’ve dreamt up or ate at restaurants. For example, I went to this place one day and had the most incredible macaroni & cheese, it had buffalo chicken on top of it. The first night I got home, I was in the kitchen trying and failing to recreate it.”

Eating Healthier

“These are changes that have been happening in the last few years or so. Movies like Food, Inc. that raises the awareness of what’s going on with the food industry. It’s a pretty epic situation. I’m not Mr. Healthy Eater, but I’ve been trying to buy organic more, support local establishments, and we’re taking it more seriously.”

Best Cook in the Band

“This interview should be with our tour manager, Jessica Kellogg. She’s my cousin, but also happens to be our tour manager for the 1,000 shows. She cooks for us when we’re home and in the studio, and she makes everything from scratch. She hits all the farmer’s markets. She has a food blog, The Salted Cod, where she’s one of three contributors.”

On the Road Again

“With six years of touring, we can remember the tours from what we were into from a restaurant standpoint. This food would be the Whole Foods tour, we use the GPS to track them down. When you’re driving most of the day, you end up relying on chains where there is some consistency.”

“Recently, in Baton Rouge, LA we ate at Prejean‘s, which is a legendary Cajun restaurant. It’s pretty rich food, but it is really tied into the cultural scene. They get all the crawfish from the local rivers. “


“I think the closest connection would be that cooking is a really creative thing and I would say that when I’m cooking…. Yes it’s a food interview. Sorry, the entire band is looking at me saying ‘Why is he talking about food so much?!’….When I cook I don’t have any recipes. I take out my spice rack and I’m smelling things and throwing them in. This is how the band is, we play a different set every night. We’re always experimenting. Some of my favorite meals, I can’t make them it again. That’s the same with our music. We’ll say, ‘That was the best version of that song we’ve ever played. What happened?’ ”

Favorite Breakfast

Shredded Wheat

Coffee v. Tea

Tea. Completely tea, never coffee. I like green tea, its my jam.

Hot Dog Topping


Favorite Dessert

Apple crisp a la mode

Band Oddities

“Our guitarist and pedal steel guitarist, Sam Getz, actually believes that he gets unhealthy if he doesn’t have a certain amount of Sonic, McDonalds, etc. He requires fast food every week.”

Late night snack

“Thanksgiving dinner. If it were up to me I’d sit down with mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese. That’s not something I eat very often. A sub from Jimmy John’s is more of a thing I do regularly.”

Booze of Choice

SK: “I love wine. When I’m at home. I’ve been into a good Shiraz. As a band we all enjoy Maker’s Mark whiskey, its been a frequent staple of our dressing room over the years. Sam, the fast food eater, is a real beer guy.”

Sam in the distance: “I don’t have one favorite. Hoegaarden or maybe other hefeweisens.”

SK6ERS just celebrated their 1000th show with a spirited show on April 3rd at Irving Plaza. Check out a cool video clip celebrating the achievement here. They are on tour all summer long, beginning on the west coast later this month. To see when they hit your hometown, be sure to click their tour dates here.

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