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Mar 31 / Matt

Music to Eat with Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.)


We here at EM are very excited to have the opportunity to sit down and talk food with Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.).  Col. Bruce has been making music since the late 60′s and he is still going strong and, as he put it, he likes to eat. And moderation, ha! whats moderation?!

Home Cookin’

” I can only really cook about 3 things, soy burgers, cream corn, and fish”  says Bruce.   He claims his soy burgers are amazing, but wouldn’t give up his two secret ingredients.  Bruce is leaning towards being a vegetarian, but tends to stick with only chicken, turkey, or fish.

Road Bites

“Cooking on the road never happens, so we tend to eat out frequently.   The current crew tends to stick with Arby’s, Chik-Fil-A, and the beloved Ruby Tuesdays.”  Col. Bruce appreciates the salad bar at Ruby’s and claims that it is always fresh and consistent.  “It is also hard to beat a meal at Cracker Barrel”  claims Bruce.   When rolling through Alabama Col. Bruce is certain to make stops at Dell’s Den in Valley, and the Fish Market Restaurant in Gadsden.  If you find yourself on I-5 in Oregon, get of at exit 22 and check out Heavenly Heights.  When in New Orleans, Bruce highly recommends Jacquesimos Cafe.

Growing Up

“When I was a kid eating out was not common, remember I am 300 years old, but when we did, it was usually after Church for a nice Sunday lunch.”  Bruce, informed me that he visited the Colonnade and Mary Mac’s Tea Room both still open and located in Atlanta, Ga.  Col. Bruce still resides in Atlanta and you can usually find him at Bhojanic, Carvers Grocery, and The Havana Sandwich Shop.

Bad Bites,

Col. Bruce is a road warrior so clearly he must have had a bad meal here and there.  As he put it ” The Shoney’s off the I-75 Hampton exit was the worst meal I have ever had, it tasted like a month old Sunday New York Times, it was just horrible and actually broke the nausea barrier.”

Rotten Tomatoes

“Every musician has their quirks. They are all crazy have weird tendencies. Seems that there is mostly a hatred for tomatoes. Me included”

[Col. Bruce notes that he doesn't hate anything, but figured the tomato would be an easy thing to hate.]

Dogs, Drinks, and Sweets

Bruce would do mustard on a soy based dog, loves unsweetened tea, and is not a dessert guy.

Be sure to also give a listen to Col. Bruce’s first album “Music to Eat”.

We here at EM would again like to thank Col. Bruce for talking with us, and be certain to check him out with the Quark Alliance at the Wanee Festival in April, also catch him in Maine on April 24th with Grant Green Junior and John Fishman, and a special Phish after party as Smiths Olde Bar July 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, GA!

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  1. Matt / Apr 10 2010

    Just to let you all know Col. Bruce will be here in April with John Fishman:

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