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Feb 15 / Josh

Karl Denson and the Buttered Fly


We are excited to post our premiere Epicurean Musician interview featuring Karl Denson.

Karl Denson, the saxophone virtuoso, spoke with us today about his favorite restaurants and offered some excellent cooking tips.

Favorite restaurants

Asheville, NC: “The Laughing Seed is a great vegetarian place”

Washington, DC: “ A Jamaican joint, Negril,  where I’ll get ox tails when I’m in town. They are insane. I grew up eating neck bones and ox tails are very close to neck bones. It’s the best meat on the cow”

New Orleans – “There’s a place called the Red Fish Grill, its down in the quarter. That’s my big New Orleans hit. I’m not so big on Cajun food, but the Red Fish Grill is really out of control”

On Tour – Cooking vs. Restaurants

“Most of the time, if I can find a Whole Foods in town that’s kind of my staple. I’ll have a nice big salad for a meal. I like vegetables and then I augment that with other places. I have some great places that I like a lot, but if it’s not going to be better than the stuff I make at home, I’d rather make my own food. I’m getting older, when you’re a kid you can eat all that stuff and get away with it.”

Coffee vs. Tea

“I’m a tea guy. I have a big, huge mug of tea every morning usually of combination of Tazzo Awake© and Tazzo Berry Blossom White©.”

New Discovery

“I just discovered oat milk, it’s really good for you. It’s the one of the milks that has enough body to hold up to the word ‘milk’. Soy milk has enough body but then you deal with the estrogen which isn’t too good for you. Rice milk doesn’t have enough body for me either.”

Go-To Recipe

“There’s a really great halibut recipe I stole from Emeril using parsley, lemon zest and thyme. You lightly coat the halibut with mustard, drop it into the parsley, lemon zest and thyme mixture and then throw it into a skillet with a little oil.  It’s amazing. You throw that on top of some fresh spinach so the heat of the fish cooks the spinach. With garlic mashed potatoes you are on point.”

[EDITORS NOTE: Emeril’s recipe can be found by clicking here ]

Favorite Hot Dog

With mustard and pickle relish

Favorite Dessert

German chocolate cake

Favorite Late Night Snack


Worst Meal

“I’ve had a lot of bad meals. I’d have to say Waffle House, the time I found a fly in my raisin toast. I buttered a fly.”

Last Supper

“Turkey with all the fixings: Stuffing, collard greens, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce.”

Karl is currently on tour with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe through April and will be appearing a few times this spring with Greyboy Allstars, in Colorado, Wymong and New Orleans. More information can be found at

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  1. Matthew / Feb 15 2010

    What other artists can we expect to see?

    Great Work so far!

  2. T$ / Feb 15 2010

    Loves it!
    Really great.
    Hopefully I will soon take in Mr Densons reccomendations, not so much the fly

  3. Fran Schaier / Feb 16 2010

    this concept sounds great. love the u tube connection am hungry for the next interview

  4. Nicole / Feb 17 2010

    I love food and I love music, but putting them together, well that’s just divine! The blog is great, can’t wait to read more . . .

  5. gratefulphishermen / Feb 17 2010

    Look forward to future interview! Great blog.

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