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Oct 14 / laurence

Glampin’ in the Catskills With All My Friends


Adult summer camp in the Catskills?  Yes, please.  This is exactly what the Catksills Wine & Food Festival had in store.  The weather wasn’t ideal, but over the course of a gloomy weekend in Bloominburg, NY, the Catskills Food & Wine Festival was a foodie and audiophile’s paradise.

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Feb 16 / Aaron

Romaine Calm! Lettuce Returns to the Cap!


For those with a refined taste for live funk music, the evening’s headlining entertainment, Lettuce, is sure to please.  The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY, will once again play host to an uber-funky dance party at 8 PM on Sunday, Feb. 19th.

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Sep 17 / Aaron

Everybody’s Got a Little Light..Under The Sun!

Shwikus_Pfunk tribute in Club Chill

For many music enthusiasts, summer is the absolute best season of the year.  After all, what’s better than listening to your favorite live music?  Listening to your favorite live music under the warmth of a mid-day sun, or dancing with friends under the soft glow of the stars at night – that’s what.

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Apr 2 / Josh

Towards a National Soda Tax

shutterstock_soda coke

News flash—the once much debated penny-per-ounce Berkeley, California soda tax has been in effect now for almost four months.

California soda tax; is that starting to ring a bell? What about all those millions of campaign dollars that were poured into (pun intended) fighting this city of less than 117,000 residents’ ballot initiative back in the November 2014 elections? Let us also recall San Francisco’s similar attempt in 2014, in addition to Richmond and El Monte’s failed endeavors back in 2012.

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Feb 20 / Aaron

Message from the Galactic Alignment!


Fact: Few bands on the scene today are as funky as Galactic. As a shining and always-fresh example of New Orleans’s extensive musical legacy, Galactic is second to none at bringing The Big Easy’s famed street-beat bacchanalia to an indoor concert setting. Try as you might, gettin’ down is your only reasonable course of action.

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Aug 7 / Aaron



In case you haven’t heard, we here at Epicurean Musician are super excited for the upcoming Equifunk Music Festival, from August 16 to the 18th in Equinunk, PA.  Returning for it’s 6th summer, Equifunk may well be the only all-inclusive music-and-camping weekend you’re likely to find in the entire Northeast, and man does it sound like an epic good time! read more…

Jul 31 / Josh

Crate Digging with DJ Le Spam


Hello Epicurean Musician Readers, I’m Stephanie. This is my first post for this delicious blog. A little about me, I grew up in South Florida, love tropicália culture, owed a clothing exchange in Miami for a while, eat and breathe music, and now live and study in NYC. I was asked to fill in for this interview of the Miami-based DJ Le Spam and the Le Spam All Stars. A home-grown band that I’ve enjoyed for many years in South Florida. We talked a lot about music and of course food…

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Jul 30 / Aaron

Soulive, James Casey, and the Joys of Artistry-At-Large

As a good friend of mine likes to say, “You can’t find a bad Soulive show!”.  Fresh from a stop at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival with Lettuce, Soulive’s funky older brother, James Casey will make his debut appearance at Equifunk as an official “artist-at-large.”

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Jul 16 / Aaron

Equifunkify Your Life!


Summer has officially has arrived, and that means one thing… festival season and outdoor concerts are in full swing.  For those of us who enjoy good music, close friends, and a temporary community of fun-loving folk, there is no better vacation from the everyday hustle and bustle than a weekend-long, fully sound-tracked getaway in the heart of the Pocono Mountains! read more…

May 10 / Josh

Banjos, Fiddles, and Big Az Chicken Sandwiches


The morning after his Grammy win for Best Bluegrass album, Mike Guggino, lead guitarist of the Steep Canyon Rangers, took some time to speak with us about all things food, music, and eating Steve Martin’s tuna sandwiches. read more…

Apr 23 / Aaron

You Don’t Arm Wrestle With Stanton Moore!


On the evening of Galactic’s April 9th show at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse, NY, I had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with NOLA’s own Stanton Moore for a delicious and memorable meal at Alto Cinco, easily one of the Emerald City’s best Mexican restaurants. read more…

Apr 18 / Josh

Robert Walter’s 20th Course


We recently spoke with Robert Walter, founding member of the Greyboy Allstars and his own solo group, Robert Walter’s 20th Congress. We’ve seen him at so many music festivals over the years. Today we get a great window into his life on the road! read more…

Mar 21 / Josh

All He Could Get Was This One Meatball


Today’s interview features Dan Holzman of the Meatball Shop.  Along with his partner, Michael Chernow, Chef Holzman is turning the Meatball Shop into a New York institution.  With four restaurants currently under their belt, Dan and Michael don’t seem to be slowing down.  Chef Holzman sat down with us to discuss all things music and food. read more…

Mar 7 / Josh

Obits and a Side of “Gas-oulet”


Today’s interview features guitarist and vocalist Sohrab Habibion of Obits, the collaboration of indie rock veterans, though not military veterans, who have been rocking since 2007.  They are currently working on a new studio album.  Between chatting with his mom and heading out to band practice, we had a chance to discuss some culinary endeavors with Sohrab…

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Mar 2 / Josh

Springtime and Beertime


On Saturday, March 30th, 2013, beer lovers of all steins will gather once again for the NYC Craft Beer Festival, which returns to the Lexington Avenue Armory (68 Lexington Ave.) in Manhattan.  Featuring 75 of America’s best craft breweries, with approximately 150 different selections to tantalize even the most cultivated taste buds, this year’s Festival will highlight spring craft releases—many of which are in extremely limited batches.  In addition, a number of renowned NYC restaurants, including The Guilty Goose, Coopers Craft & Kitchen, and Tavern29, will offer food samples intended to complement various seasonal beer pairings at the Festival.

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Feb 17 / Josh

Why I Love Seltzer


You may have realized that there has been a lot of talk of bubbly beverages lately (and no, I’m not referring to that awesome EM interview with Dogfish Head founder!) read more…

Feb 14 / Josh

Short Rib Ravioli with I’m Ron Burgundy Sauce


Actual Recipie – Braised Short Rib Ravioli in Burgundy Tomato Sauce

Yield: 10 2 ¼ inch ravioli

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Jan 16 / Josh

Head’s All Empty and I Don’t Care


We are starting 2013 off with an absurdly awesome interview between Sam Calagione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, and our friend Matt Leff, founder of Rhizome Productions in Nashville, TN. Today’s conversation is mostly concerned with Dogfish Head’s upcoming Grateful Dead-themed craft beer appropriately called American Beauty.

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Nov 4 / Josh

Hot Chicken and A Six Pack


Brothers Jake & Jamin Orall create a sound reminiscent of 70s grunge and 90s alternative with their own Nashville flavor.  The brothers make up the 2-piece ensemble of JEFF the Brotherhood.  Their Nashville roots are not only fixtures in their music, but their favorite grub.

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Sep 4 / Josh



We here at the Epicurean Musician must first apologize for the lack of timeliness of this post.  Apparently the long weekend partying in Chicago took a little more out of us than we had expected.  So without further ado, here is what we found in Grant Park. read more…

Aug 1 / Josh

Trumpeting Vines on Randall’s Island


Other than the underwhelming sized crowd at the first Catalpa Music Festival on Randall’s Island, this festival did not disappoint!  From high energy sets from Matisyahu and Matt & Kim to Girl Talk’s daytime dance party, and Umphrey’s McGee’s usual rockin’ good time, Catalpa offered a solid array of music, not to mention the Dogfather himself (who was recently reincarnated) performing his classic album Doggystyle to close out the fest.

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May 7 / Josh

Soul Food for Soulive


Today’s interview features drummer Alan Evans, one of our favorite musicians from the funk powerhouse, Soulive. This Spring, Alan is on tour with the Alan Evans Trio, before playing a handful of shows with Soulive this summer. Following the band’s annual Bowlive run at the Brooklyn Bowl, we had a chance to chat with Alan… read more…

Apr 8 / Josh

Saturday in the Park


I think it was the 31st of March…. Your friends at Epicurean Musician recently attended a fantastic craft beer festival in Nashville, Tennessee – the 2nd Annual East Nashville Beer Festival. We had a blast! Check out the recap below.

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Mar 9 / Josh

Krewe D’etat at the Westcott


Galactic at the Westcott Theater – February 28, 2012, Syracuse, NY

While we were unable to score an interview with Galactic drummer and New Orleans own Stanton Moore, we were ultimately treated to a smorgasbord of funk-laden treats straight from the belly of Nawlins, LA.  At a near sold-out show at the wonderfully tiny Westcott Theater in Syracuse, Galactic brought their unique blend of funk, blues, soul, and Creole music to Upstate New York for a dance-filled rager that was as much fun as it was musically skillful.

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Nov 27 / Josh

A Deep-Fried NOLA Hallowen


Laura: New Orleans, Halloween, Hurricanes and Music?  After a morning of sitting by the bayou we headed on over to finally see what people had been pouring into City Park all weekend for. While Voodoo was all about the music, there was so much more than that to the “voodoo experience”.

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Sep 16 / Josh

Royal Family Buffet


As part of their 13th year anniversary as a band, funk and soul trio Soulive threw a monster 3-day party in the Green Mountains of Vermont, affectionately dubbed the “Royal Family Affair.”   A blowout music weekend for the ages, the RFA was held from August 12th to the 14th at Stratton Mountain Resort, and included many other members of Royal Family Records, such as Lettuce, NEAL, The Formula, the London Souls, Kraz (DJ set), and a special weekend-closing set by the Royal Family All-Stars. read more…

Jul 7 / Josh

Funky Grilled Cauliflower


We recently had dinner with Eric Krasno, the Royal Family Records patriarch who leads a handful of bands: Soulive, Lettuce, Chapter 2, The Fyre Dept and Dr. Klaw. Over a southern meal at the local favorite, Seersucker, Kraz opened up about his record company and the band’s annual two-week run at the Brooklyn Bowl. He also shares some insight into his global culinary experiences and also his years spent as a farmer.

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Jun 16 / vegan

Eilen Jewell – Simplicity Is King


Eilen Jewell, singer-songwriter based in Boston area for the past 8 years, dishes on her new album “Queen of the Minor Key”, favorite foods, and eating philosophy.

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May 26 / Josh

Marc Broussard’s Louisiana Eats

Marc Broussard - Pub2 - Reid Rolls
Let’ s say that you’ve just landed at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and you’ve got a very serious mission: FIND FOOD! Well luckily, you’ve got a friend who knows the scene. We’ ve got two days to hit five of the best restaurants across South Louisiana. Let’s get a move on, shall we?
May 18 / Josh

Southern Hospitality at the Allman Family Cookout


Everything about the Wanee Festival in Live Oak, Florida is HOT! Whether you’re referring to the weather, the danceable musical line-up, or the food, Wanee Fest has you sweatin’ from jump street. read more…

May 10 / andrew

Love, A Breakup, Music and Rijstaffel with Laura Jansen


What do you get when you combine a talented, musically inclined, beautiful woman who goes through a nasty breakup? Other then a run on sentence, you get  Laura Jansen’s debut album Bells which she describes as her answer in dealing with a messy breakup.  Whats better then discussing music, breakups over some Rijsttafel?

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Apr 28 / aguse

A Rocket To The Moon: On Tour Side

ARTTM - Pub2 - Eric Ryan Anderson

What started as a humble, individual effort by pop crooner Nick Santino,  A Rocket To The Moon is now a full-fledged band who just wrapped up their first ever headlining tour,  “On Your Side.”  Andrew Cook, resident foodie, drummer, and super bowl food aficionado of A Rocket To The Moon talked turkey with me about the best cheese steak in Philly and his favorite wings (SPOILER ALERT: none of which come from Buffalo). read more…

Apr 22 / Pat

Four Cold Chicken Sandwiches and a $75 Norwegian Pizza


For over ten years, Mastodon has been making some of the most beautiful, destructive, intricate music to ever grace the American metal scene.  One might be quick to think that a drummer with so much charisma and such heavy chops would love an intricate, complex dish, but this isn’t the case. Brann Dailor likes to keep it simple.  Dailor goes on to talk about his early food experiences and the progression of Mastodon’s eating habits since their early tours. read more…

Apr 1 / aguse


SXSW 2011 156

April: I love me some (err…lots of) TexMex. It’s the one thing I could probably eat in various forms every day. Especially breakfast tacos. Guess how often I ate breakfast tacos? Once. And only one. In the Austin airport. Waiting for my flight back home. Also, we only had tacos once the whole weekend at a random bar because it had a sandwich board outside that said “Tacos Upstairs.” I was a little taken aback that taco or Mexican food trucks were few and far between downtown Austin in the general vicinity of where the showcases were happening, however, the hot dogs/burgers/sausage ‘n pepper sandwich food trucks were abundant because America I guess? I really don’t know.

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Mar 24 / Pat

Millennial Buffet: Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”

Front Cover

I find it interesting that I have landed myself in a position to write for not only this blog, but, really, any blog.  I feel privileged.  The blogosphere is an interesting, scary place, and I think that dipping my big toe in and experimenting with this form will be nothing short of interesting.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to generate original content focusing on the intersection between, as the blog title, Epicurean Musician, denotes: music and food.  As a guy who belongs to the generation of people who eat out more than any other previous American generation, and a generation that takes its music quite seriously, this intersection is fascinating to me .  This column will look to deconstruct different aspects of the cross-over world between food and music.  Hence: Millennial Buffet

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Mar 15 / aguse

Percolating Beverage Recipes with Matt Costa


I phoned Matt recently, while his wife was making a mushroom, leek and tofu quiche for dinner. For a look into some local favorites, Mexican food in Switzerland (!?), and a preference for frozen gummy worms… read more…

Mar 1 / Josh

Chris Wood – Mochi Ha Mochiya


Today’s interview brings us across the world, as we explore the culinary interests of Chris Wood, bassist from both Medeski, Martin and Wood and the Wood Brothers. Japanese cuisine has a played a large role in Chris’s life and he shares some fantastic stories and recipes with us.

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Feb 8 / aguse

From the Kitchen to the Stage


Eric Axelson was kind enough to carve out half an hour out of his newly hectic touring schedule while The Dismemberment Plan was on day two of their tour where they were in Boston watching President Obama give remarks on the protesting in Egypt. read more…

Feb 1 / Christiana

Wayne Coyne Talks Ethiopian, Cosmopolitans and The Perfect Fry


Wayne Coyne, creator and lead singer of The Flaming Lips, lays low in Oklahoma City during his off time from his musical career. Whether he’s relaxing in his humble abode or on the road doing what he does best, he’s pretty easy to please when it comes to wining and dining. From barbecue to Ethiopian to rotting fish in Iceland, Wayne knows what he likes (and doesn’t like) and he usually knows where to get it. Stay tuned for Wayne’s upcoming projects this year- new releases, new shows, new collaborations, and possibly a new movie! Sit back and relax while Wayne explains the culinary perks that his musical career provides… and there’s many!

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Jan 26 / aguse

Explosions In The Saganaki


Explosions in the Sky have just recently wrapped up in the studio and are preparing for playing their first ever show at Radio City Music Hall on April 6. Drummer Chris Hrasky dished on local Austin favorites such as migas, Mexican food, Greek flaming cheese, and recalling the horrors of having to eat bland foods at childhood friends’ houses. For those of you planning on attending SXSW in March (perhaps for the first time), be sure to take note of some spots he mentioned within.

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Jan 7 / aguse

Devo Likes It So Fresh


DEVO recently had to postpone a few shows on tour due to a hand injury sustained by guitarist Bob Mothersbaugh (He’s doing better now and has been going to rehab, PS!) In the meantime, Chief Strategist/bassist Gerald Casale took some time to divulge the foodie within until they make up their missed tour dates in March. What scientists may call the evolution of food (Frankenfish, anyone?), Gerald is very much aware that there is, in a sense, a de-volution of food, but his culturally diverse and well-versed palate gives foodies and ethically responsible eaters hope that a progressive food revolution will continue on.

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Nov 29 / andrew

Oh You Devil wants to make an album!


You’re like, so what? Remember our interview with Brooklyn locals, Oh You Devil? Yeah, neither do I. Anyhoo, they haven’t gone away, and they’re only getting bigger (proverbially, they’re all still pretty skinny). They have started a kickstarter page in the hopes that you like their music enough and want to see a professional album produced!

Have a look, instead of going out for happy hour tomorrow, donate a few bucks.

Nov 15 / andrew

Truffle Oil Popcorn and The Worlds Greatest Ukulele Player


What’s better then a glass of Shiraz, Truffle Oil Popcorn and Jake Shimabukuro? Depends on your cup o’ tea but I’m almost certain the three go hand in hand (in hand?).

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Nov 9 / Josh

Trouble Bustin’ In From Outta State

boardwalk hall

After a quick ride down the Garden State Parkway and a few Nathans hot dogs later, I was ready for the much-anticipated Phish Halloween concert at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.   read more…

Nov 4 / andrew

A Whole Lotta Lovin’ from Mayer Hawthorne


If you haven’t heard any of his music, if you haven’t even heard his name mentioned, I wouldn’t quite say you live under a rock, but expect to start hearing it…quite often.

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Jul 28 / andrew

M-E-T-H-O-D (man) to the Madness


It’s pretty much the Emerald City for Hip Hop that happens every summer  all over the country: Rock The Bells!  The coming together of hip-hops most talented and celebrated artists putting on a day’s long show of music for their fans. Having had the chance to speak with Chang Weisberg, the creator of Rock The Bells and Guerilla Union, we spoke about Hip Hop, bringing the music to the people, and all that goes on behind the scenes.

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Jul 23 / Kevin

Megan McCormick Talks Turkey

For Megan McCormick, convention doesn’t quite cut it.  This 23 year-old rock and blues artist was eager to start life at a pretty young age—at shiny 16 she left home in Alaska for a college in Tennessee.  Now, only a few years later she is touring the country with a new album out, Honest Words, and an Amos Lee opening (among other things) under her belt.  Her talents range through many sounds and instruments—blues, country, and rock styles find company in her arsenal of voice, guitar, lap steel, mandolin, bass, and a little banjo.  EM was fortunate enough to sit down with this Nashville resident during a visit to New York at Plaza Diner.  The harsh, shiny authenticity of the diner with Dixie Chicks blaring in the background was a perfect setting matched only by our twin orders of buttery waffles and turkey protein (hers sausage, mine bacon).  After discussing a mutual distaste for eggs and the merit of breakfast in general, she began talking about the intersection of music and food in her life—family.

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Jul 16 / Josh

Slow Roasted with Jeff Coffin


“I don’t do 60%”, Jeff Coffin said recently over a plate of freshly grilled octopus. EM was lucky to sit down with the saxophone virtuoso at NYC’s Marea to discuss everything from life growing up on a farm, coffee roasting skills and his musical past, present and future. read more…

Jul 14 / Kevin

Sweet For Your Meat


There is something to be said about branching out. KFC went healthy for like, two days, and then realized that fat people like fat foods, thus the Double Down was born. The colonel was on to something, even if it did mean killing twice as many chickens. Branching out in a less lethal manner is Andy Farag, percussionist from Umphrey’s McGee. During a brief down period, Andy had a minute to spare to talk about about music, food, and his new contribution to your tongue, Andy’s Rippin Rub, a dry rub of his own creation. read more…

Jul 2 / Kevin

String and Sip: The Finer Things in Life


Cho-Liang Lin is a man well-versed in the finer things life has to offer like music, wine, and Texas.  As a world-renowned, Texas based violinist, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and experience regions intimately dedicated to the pleasures of exquisite music and vino.  Born in Taiwan, the violinist is revered for the eloquence of his playing and for the superb musicianship that marks his performances.  Playing in the role of a journalist, he puts his travel experiences to use in his wine column for a Taiwanese magazine.  For Lin, the arts of music and wine are intricately laced into a vision of beauty.  One afternoon Lin chatted with EM about his musical journey and the cuisine and wine he’s experienced along the way. read more…

Jun 30 / Kevin

Saxophones, Seafood, and Earl

It’s hard to find good gumbo in the city, and it’s harder still to get a Louisiana native to acknowledge that such a thing even exists. Lucky for enough for EM, Kevin Harris of Dirty Dozen Brass Band was on hand to give the lowdown on local New Orleans fare, tales from the road, and even some tips on his own version of the bayou favorite.

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Jun 28 / Josh

Viaja el Mundo con Ozomatli


A few weeks back, Jiro, Wil-Dog,  and Raul from Ozomatli sat down with EM for a great meal at NYC’s Delicatessen in Soho. Over brunch, the guys shared their favorite culinary experiences as cultural ambassadors and also their impressions from countless cities around the globe. read more…

Jun 25 / andrew

I Scream, You Scream, we all scream for MEATBALLS


Most nights you’ll find a line down the street waiting to get into The Meatball Shop, except if your eating with two uber hip indie bands and everyone thinks your famous or something. The guys of White Belt Yellow Tag and the lady and gents of Sparrow and the Workshop sat down with EM and talked balls and meat..and shops or something.

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Jun 23 / Josh

Mr. Mojo Rising


What do you call a supremely talented, cool-as-cat, multi-instrumentally masterful musician whose favorite songs are from 1965 but was born in 1995? Apparently Mojo, or “Mojo” Myles Mancuso to be more precise. This 14 year-old guitar wunderkind and crepe chef to boot, is the soul of an old-time, whiskey-swiggin’ delta blues-man trapped inside a high school kid’s body.  At just 14 years of age, however, Myles’ tasty chops are just beginning to simmer.  I sat down with Myles and his family band before they got cookin’ on stage. read more…

Jun 21 / epliskin

An Atlas of a Different Kind

If you ever wondered how food or drinks could serve as inspiration to write new songs, look no further than Maps and Atlases singer/guitarist Dave Davison.  Dave has a daily morning ritual of going on a long walk to get some black coffee, and finds that on these walks he gets ideas for new song material. “That’s actually where a huge portion of writing songs takes places, is during walks like that.” read more…

Jun 18 / Josh

Andrew WK’s Dinner Party


Andrew WK is quite the multitasker. While he is in the midst of one of his biggest summer tours in years, he still is making time for recording, filming TV spots, and of course, partying hard. Be sure to read on to read about his love for fast food, favorite restaurants in NYC, and some interesting stories from the road.

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Jun 16 / Kevin

John Linnell: Easy On The Octopus


They Might Be Giants have been rockin’ out since 82′, changing styles, members, and locations throughout their career. They won a Grammy in 2002, recently came out with a childrens album, and officially don’t suck. Seriously, not many people can make the cross from rock to Raffi and still come off as bad ass. EM chatted it up with front man John Linnel to talk about munchin’ on the road and the finer points of eating octopus. read more…

Jun 14 / epliskin

Pure Body, Pure Mind, Pure Haas

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey pianist Brian Haas has some pretty strong opinions about food and what people put in their bodies. As a result, most of the JFJO fans are aware of the band’s thoughts on food and have embraced a healthier, more natural diet in their own lives. read more…

Jun 11 / Josh

Rolling Pins, Rock, and R2-D2: Duff Goldman Speaks With EM

EM got the chance to speak with Duff Goldman of The Food Network’s Ace of Cakes to talk baking, George Lucas, and prog-rock. Season 9 is currently shooting, and the show is in its 4th year. read more…

Jun 9 / Kevin

Great American Food and Music Fest


Jim Lewi isn’t your average event producer. Not every tech guy can lay claim to throwing one of the most awesome festivals of the year and still manage to refer to himself as a roadie. Who is this humble man? He’s the brains behind Great American Food and Music Fest, coming to New Meadowlands Stadium this Sunday. read more…

Jun 8 / Matt

Three Splattered Eggs


Reed Mathis claims to not have much to say about food, but that didn’t stop him from sitting down with EM and revealing some foodie secrets.

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May 27 / Josh

Are We In Brooklyn or Arkansas?


After weeks of peeking into Brooklyn’s new Southern spot, Seersucker, your friends at Epicurean Musician sat down to a fabulous meal with neighborhood musician, Ryan Miller, from Guster, and his wife Angela. While the owner, Kerry Diamond, had just arrived to some opening week curveballs, this meal had us swinging for more buiscuits and and pigs feet! read more…

May 26 / andrew

A Bittersweet Batch of Talent and Cajun Lovin’

WORLD CAFE LIVE | photo by Fabian Checo | JESSE DEE

Put on a blind fold, pick any of the tracks off of Jesse Dee’s album and figure it out. He’s not Al Green, or James Brown.  In fact, he kind of looks like he could be your big brother… if your brother sounds like some of the old greats and happens to be into cajun and all that encompasses southern cookin’.

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May 25 / Josh

Slow Cooking with Mark Trojanowski


You know Mark Trojanowski of Sister Hazel has no problem keeping a beat on his drums, but did you know that he’s also a grill master? “My newest side project is barbecue. I got a slow cooker not too long ago, and I’ve been into slow-cooking Boston butts for like 13, 14 hours.” This Atlanta resident knows that if you’re gonna survive in the south, you’d better know how to make good barbecue. Lucky for his fans, he also knows good music. read more…

May 24 / epliskin

Tofu and Crap Like That


Keller Williams can do a lot of things really well, like running around stage playing an assortment of instruments while not wearing any shoes. One thing he doesn’t do so well…eat properly. For K Dubs’ love for fast food, pre-show rituals and a few recipes, read on! read more…

May 21 / Josh

Improv, Kale, and Chickens, Oh My!


Today’s interview features Matt Butler, who doubles as drummer for the Hot Buttered Rum String Band and the conductor/brainchild behind the Everyone Orchestra. EO features a rotating lineup of musicians, creating completely improvised performances at every show. Similar to this concept of expecting the unexpected, Matt is creative with his food and relies on fresh, homegrown products. Did we mention he has chickens in his backyard? read more…

May 11 / andrew

Diederick Van Eck = Vincent Van Gogh, To Some Degree


What do these two names have in common other then both being of Dutch descent? Diederick Van Eck, former financier with Lehman Brothers had a change of heart regarding his career about 7 years ago, and found himself shortly thereafter departing the company on an adventure unraveling Van Goghs’ life, through music!

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May 10 / Josh

Saucing It Up With Marco Benevento


Recently we chatted with Brooklyn based keyboardist fantastico, Marco Benevento about all things food! He shared his many kitchen creations, favorite restaurants, and his family’s culinary history. read more…

May 7 / andrew

The Hood Internet Likes Food, There You Have It


STV SLV (Steve Reidell) and ABX (Aaron Brink) make up the mashup producing DJ’s of The Hood Internet, known for combining anyone from Michael Jackson and Ratatat to Passion Pit and Juvenile; Back that Sleepyhead up, anyone?

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May 4 / Josh

Burning Chili Set Your Heart On Fire


EM recently chatted with  Jake Cinninger from Chicago’s own Umphrey’s Mcgee. The band has been writing songs about food for years and also create quick food lists when they hit a new city on tour. Read on for some interesting band facts, favorite Chi-town spots, and a few examples of how UM talks food in their songs. read more…

May 3 / Josh

Casino Cafeteria Conversation

Steel Train 1

We recently talked with Steel Train bassist Evan Winiker, who coincidentally called us from the cafeteria at the MGM Foxwoods casino. Between bites of carrot cake and ordering a cheeseburger, Evan shared his favorite restaurants, some quick recipes and his sugar cereal obsession. read more…

Apr 27 / andrew

Oh You Devil Eats All Of Brooklyn

The boys of Oh You Devil spent an afternoon over microbrews and cheeseburgers on the old wooden benches of Gowanus Yacht Club discussing their most memorable meal as a band, foodie adventures throughout New York, and matzah balls made for 15 people in less then 4 hours. Between Yuri, Ari, Reinhardt and Marc — they’re quite a conglomerate of culinary differences!
Apr 26 / Josh

There’s A Light In The Kitchen


We chatted recently with the bassist from Assembly of Dust, John Leccese. The band has been touring nonstop since their newest release last year. Be sure to read on for food-related nicknames, favorite desserts, and the scientific coffee measurements of their guitarist. read more…

Apr 25 / andrew

Peanut Butter On A Spoon and Other Trinidadian Tales…


K-OS talked with us during a break from soundcheck at a show he was doing with Drake at Oakland University in Detroit, MI. He spoke with EM on his Trinidadian upbringing both in Toronto and down in the homeland, his vegetarianism and his favorite eats on the road.

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Apr 23 / Josh

Ghee and Whole Wheat Matzah


We chatted recently with Brian, the drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Along with being an expert on Indian cuisine, we discussed hallucinating from spicy foods, honey obsessions and pizza preference. read more…

Apr 21 / Josh

Where There’s a Road

Sam Bush 1

Mandolin virtuoso, Sam Bush, offers many insights into living a culinary life as a touring musician. Sam shares stories of his life growing up on a farm, hilarious band stories, and his baseball feud with another famous mandolin player, Jeff Austin. read more…

Apr 20 / andrew

The Hot Water Drinkin’, Espresso Connoisseur, RJD2


At the tail end of promoting his new album The Colossus , we were able to speak with RJD2 on everything from the best espresso across America, to cooking with the best ingredients money can buy (or at least found at Whole Foods)

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Apr 20 / Josh

Wanee 2010 Festival

Wanee 1

This year’s Wanee Music Festival was a cheerful and pleasant weekend featuring many of our favorite bands and food vendors we’ve seen over the years. Read on for interviews, photos, and an in depth festival review. read more…

Apr 18 / Josh

More Songs About Buildings And Food


Join us for a trip across the globe to Melbourne, Australia, where you’ll find Kellie Sutherland, member of the band Architecture in Helsinki. Kellie is an enthusiastic musician and her years on the road have shaped her into a true gastronome. read more…

Apr 16 / andrew

Earth, Wind and Fire’s Drummer, Chef To The Navy SEALS!


Just kidding…Today we chatted with Ralph Johnson, one of the original three members of the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire. The world is lucky he chose music, otherwise who knows, Johnson may have ended up a NAVY Seal, a professional chef, or have found a way to combine the two!

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Apr 14 / andrew

Reformed Fast Food Addict Turns Toward Greener Pastures

Cary Brothers

Cary Brothers, on the heels of a new release, recently spent some time with EM discussing southern fried goodness, owning a plot of land, and finding divinity in all that is green! read more…

Apr 13 / Matt

The Shackleton Dinners


Sir Ernest Shackleton was a famous explorer who lead a group, albeit unsuccessfully, to hike across Antarctica in 1907.  What is remarkable about this venture was not the mission itself, but the 100 percent survival rate amongst the group.  Jamie Masefield, founder and mandolin player of the Jazz Mandolin Project, has celebrated Shackelton’s venture for the past 8 years with a group of friends.  Using the foods grown in his garden and local Burlington, VT farmers, Jamie leads his fellow adventurers in an exploration of food.  read more…

Apr 12 / Josh

I’m Gonna Feed You and Make You Shine


The interview with the phenomenal Grace Potter has left us hankering for some maple syrup, very sharp cheddar cheese, and a long needed to return to the Green Mountain state. Grace’s love of food, abundant Vermont pride and lifelong connection with the land is truly inspiring. read more…

Apr 11 / andrew

Oh, I’m a Savage For My Cabbage


Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Jones spent the afternoon with Epicurean Musician at the Lower East Side Skate Park in Manhattan and chatted over lunch at Wo Hop.  With Xaphoon’s beats and Chiddy’s flow, you’ll be hearing a lot from these boys in the coming months. read more…

Apr 10 / Matt

George Clinton’s Atomic Dog

george clinton

George Clinton, the founding member of Parliament Funkadelic, has been touring for over 40 years. Parliament originated as a Doo-wop group that started out of his barber shop in Plainfield, New Jersey. George had to make a mad dash for an elevator, but we got a few food factoids from this funk father.  read more…

Apr 7 / Josh

Why Is He Talking About Food So Much?

Today’s interview is with Stephen Kellogg, who with his band the Sixers recently performed their 1,000th show in Manhattan’s Irving Plaza. Stephen is a functional eater on the road and shares his view on the connection between cooking and performing. read more…

Apr 6 / andrew

It’s just Roast and Potatoes baby!

BETTYE D promo final

After four decades of soul singing, Ms. Bettye Lavette, who has sang with some of the world’s greatest artists, is “coming up out of the crypt” and debuting her new album Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook. This album is an R&B twist on some of the most celebrated work from our friends on the other side of the pond. read more…

Apr 4 / Josh

Love Guster, Don’t Eat Them

guster 8

Today’s interview with Ryan Miller from Guster has led us to believe that a) living in Brooklyn is still awesome and b) most touring musicians have clogged arteries. Between recording the band’s upcoming album and assorted tours, Ryan has evolved into a great cook. read more…

Apr 1 / Josh

Both Sides of the Mississippi


Today’s interview with Citizen Cope was great! To make life easier on the road, he has a chef that caters for him and the entire crew. Be sure to read on for Cope’s favorite restaurants, bourbon of choice and his worst meal ever. read more…

Mar 31 / Matt

Music to Eat with Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.)


We here at EM are very excited to have the opportunity to sit down and talk food with Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.).  Col. Bruce has been making music since the late 60′s and he is still going strong and, as he put it, he likes to eat. And moderation, ha! whats moderation?! read more…

Mar 24 / Josh

Chuck Leavell’s Loving Cup

Albany NY 05 _Daryl Ferraiolo_#D663

Chuck Leavell is a very busy man. While his musical resume is a mile long, he is best known as being the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones for the past 30 years. Aside from his musical talents, Chuck has recently founded an environmental resource website called the Mother Nature Network. read more…

Mar 5 / Josh

Jeff Austin, Butter Extraordinaire


Today’s interview is with the fabulous mandolin playin, bluegrass singin Jeff Austin from Yonder Mountain String Band. During the interview, Jeff nailed why we do what we do at Epicurean Musician. Anyway, to say that Jeff is into food would be one of the biggest understatements ever. read more…

Mar 2 / Josh

I’m Not Into Solid Foods Very Much


Today’s interview features the founder and lead guitarist of everyone’s favorite all-girl Zeppelin tribute band, Lez Zeppelin. Steph Paynes, a self described hater of food, also shares Jimmy Page’s classic sentiment about eating on the road, which is the title of this post. read more…

Feb 22 / Josh

Fiesta de los Feos con DJ Le Spam


Today’s interview features DJ Le Spam, aka Andrew Yeomanson, from the Spam Allstars. After this conversation, I’m ready to hop on a plane and spend a few days exploring Miami, beginning with a huge plate of rice and beans. read more…

Feb 18 / Josh

Emotionalism with Joe Kwon


Today’s interview is with Joe Kwon, the cellist for the Avett Brothers. Their first major label release, I and Love and You, produced by Rick Rubin, has received critical acclaim and is worth many-a-listen. read more…

Feb 15 / Josh

Karl Denson and the Buttered Fly


We are excited to post our premiere Epicurean Musician interview featuring Karl Denson.

Karl Denson, the saxophone virtuoso, spoke with us today about his favorite restaurants and offered some excellent cooking tips. read more…

Feb 11 / Josh


Welcome to Epicurean Musician, where your favorite artists will divulge their favorite recipes and food-related factoids. Enjoy!